IPL Hair Removal

Laser & ‘IPL’ Hair Removal at Reading Beauty Salon, Berkshire 

We use both Laser an ‘IPL’ (Intense Pulsed Light) for effective hair removal and skin rejuvenation. By using a range of Lasers and IPL, we can treat a variety of skin types depending on the suitability for your skin.


Generally, IPL will effectively remove hair from lighter skin types. Laser is generally more appropriate for darker skin types, both deliver effective results.

At Reading Beauty Salon we would always advise our clients to come and see us for a personal consultation and so that we can assess which treatment suits your needs.

What is IPL Hair Removal?

If you are concerned about excessive hair growth or would like to put an end to time consuming shaving or waxing, then talk to Reading beauty Salon about permanent hair reduction.

We use the latest technology in Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light to deliver fast, effective hair removal. Laser and IPL works by delivering a specific wavelength of light to the hair heating the hair follicle to reduce hair growth.

Time continued treatments will result in a long term, stable reduction in hair growth. An alternative hair removal method is Electrolysis which delivers a low stimulus directly to the hair follicle destroying the hair cells; this is suitable for small areas, lighter hair or particularly stubborn hair growth.

Please note: A patch test will be required at least 24 hours prior to treatment when having laser or IPL treatments.

Laser Hair Removal – FDA Approved 

We carry out laser hair removal with FDA approved machines, making the treatment safe and effective. The technology uses lasers of different wavelengths of light to target melanin under the skin and selectively heats the follicle, thus damaging and stunting hair growth whilst not affecting the surrounding skin. A course of 6 to 9 treatments is recommended to achieve soft, smooth, hair free skin.

For more information about Laser and IPL Hair Removal or Skin Rejuvenation, contact Reading Beauty Salon’s friendly and professional team on 0118 956 1566.

Prices for Laser & IPL Hair Removal at Reading Beauty Salon

Large area | £150 a session| Course of 8 £900
Medium area | £80 a session | Course of 8 £540
Small area | £50.00 a session | Course of 8 £350
Patch test | £30.00