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Professional Make-Up

Professional Make-Up

Professional Make-Up Application for Special Occasions at Reading Beauty Salon
It’s no secret that when makeup is applied professionally it can have truly amazing results. By simply applying a small amount of make-up, our confidence and self-esteem can rocket.

No matter what your special occasion may be, the team of professional make-up artists at Reading Beauty Salon are highly trained and ready to create your desired look.

Let Reading Beauty Salon help you take their breath away when you arrive at that special night out.

Price List of Makeup

We know that you want to look stunning when you arrive at the prom. We promise to not only make you feel fabulous whilst you are here, we’ll also make sure you look like a million dollars when you leave.

Are you heading for a special night out? Take the headache out of getting ready and let us do your party make up for you.

Airbrush make up is the selection of choice for many celebrities because of the flawless, glowing finish it creates. Be red-carpet ready with a look that will last from day to night. *Airbrush or normal foundation with hair 

Add a touch of the unusual to your look with henna, it’s certain to make you the envy of those who see it.