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Relaxing & Refreshing Facial Treatments at Reading Beauty Salon

Each Facial Treatment at Reading Beauty Salon has been carefully crafted to achieve the best possible results, leaving you with a beautifully clear, rejuvenated appearance specific to your individual skin type. You can choose from the following;

Nuskin Galvanic Facial

Treat yourself to a Nuskin galvanic facial from Galvanic Spa. Galvanic Spa’s facial gels feature ageLOC a propriety science which targets ageing at it source, so you can be certain that after treatment your skin will feel refreshed, hydrated and incredibly soft and clean.

Nuskin Galvanic Facial | Single 60 minutes | £50

Skin Toning Facial

Improve the tone and texture of your skin with our 60 minute skin toning facial.

Skin Toning Facial | Single 60 minutes | £50

Aromatherapy Relaxing Facial

Designed to relax both your body and your mind, our 60 minute aromatherapy relaxing facial will reveal your skin’s radiance and leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed.

Aromatherapy Relaxing Facial | Single 60 minutes | £55

Mini Relaxing Facial

In a hurry? Our mini relaxing facials offer a quick top up to your beauty regime, with cleansing, exfoliating, a mask, toning and moisturising.

Mini Relaxing Facial | Single 30 minutes | £35

Skin Revitalisation Facial

Make your skin feel rejuvenated with our skin revitalisation facial

Skin Revitalisation Facial | Single 15 minutes | £55
Skin Revitalisation Facial | Course of 4 (you save £10!) | £195

Acne Treatment Facial

Designed specifically to improve the appearance of acne pitted ravaged faces, our acne treatment facials are a relaxing way to improve the look and feel of your skin

Acne Treatment Facial | Single 15 minutes | £55
Acne Treatment Facial | Course of 4 (you save £10!) | £195

Diamond Microdermabrasion

Diamond Microdermabrasion is the most common type you will find in most beauticians and Spa’s. These treatments utilise a diamond-tipped want that is used to scratch or sand away the top level of the skin. The machine’s vacuum system then sucks away dirt, debris and dead skin cells

30 minutes | £35