Top Beauty Trends For 2018

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Want to know the latest beauty trends for 2018? At Reading Beauty Salon, we are here to bring you the very best of beauty. Whether you are after longer lashes, defined brows or longer lasting nails, we have it all covered. Continue reading our top beauty trend predictions for 2018… 

2018 Beauty Trend #1:  Longer Lashes 

Big bold lashes were a big thing in 2017, with no signs of going away this year. At Reading Beauty we have some fabulous lash services available! With our LVL and Eyelash Tinting Treatments, you can now have longer lashes with added volume and lift, without curling it! Unlike permanent curls, the LVL works on the root of your natural eyelashes, giving them the feeling of being longer and thicker.

2018 Beauty Trend #2: Defined Eyebrows 

Beautifully framed eyebrows give your face a well structured appearance. We can understand why the  eyebrow tinting trend will always remain. At Reading beauty salon, we offer Eyebrow Tinting  and Eyebrow Shaping to ensure your brows look fabulous..  No matter if you have sparse, light or grey lashes at Reading  beauty salon, our team of specialist beauticians can give you darker, more defined eyelashes. We offer 

2018 Beauty Trend #3:  Flawless Skin 

Want to get flawless skin this season? Don’t we all. Luckily at our beauty salon in reading, we offer various facials and nourishing skin treatments to help you look more radiant.  The Active Vitamin A Facial uses the freshest most active forms of vitamin A,C and antioxidants, which are driven into to lower layers of skin using soundwaves and small electrical pulses. Packed with nourishing anti ageing ingredients, it will leave your skin looking Radiant and dewry.

2018 Beauty Trend #4: Long-Lasting Nails 

Chippeed, broken nails are now a things of the past! We offer a professional nail services in Reading, performed by our expert nail technicians. We offer a range of luxury and high-quality manicures, pedicures and nail services at Reading Beauty Salon including GELeration and Callous peel skin treatments.

2018 Beauty Trend #4: Long-Lasting Nails 

Beautiful red lips coupled with a light touch of lip gloss is one of the key trends for 2018.  With our professional makeup service, we can create your desired look, no matter what your special occasion may be.

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