Winter Nail Care Tips

Tips to Get Beautiful Nails During Cold Weather by Reading Beauty Salon

Colder temperatures and harsher weather and the movement from the chilly outdoors to the warm indoors can wreak havoc on your nails. The weather outside may be unsightly, but your nails doesn’t have to be.  Keep your nails healthy and vibrant this winter with our winter healthy nail care tips. At Reading Beauty Salon, we offer a range of nail treatments, using the best products to achieve the most natural looking nails to make your hands and feet look elegant and beautiful. 

The skilled nail technicians share their top tips on how best to look after your nails and how to keep your nails looking good for longer during the winter months…


Condition Your Nails & Cuticles

Make a hand cream your best friend this winter and keep your hands hydrated with a moisturising hand lotion. When you reach for that rich winter hand cream, also get in the habit of slathering your nails, too. If you have polish on, just massage the cream into the cuticles to help stimulate healthy nail growth. You can also use an oil that has been specially created for the cuticles. An ideal time to apply a cuticle oil is before you get in the shower or a hot bath – steam helps the oil to be penetrated into the skin.

Clip and File Nails While Wet

Filing or buffing wet nails can reduce nail breakage by removing any rough edges that may catch on things. Clipping dry nails can split and fracture the layered protein structure of brittle nails. To soften that structure and make it pliable, wet your nails before performing any nail modification methods. 

Nail Treatments to Strengthen & Repair

Do you have dry, cracked, splitting fingernails during the winter months? Your nails go through a great deal of ‘wear and tear’ so give them the TLC they deserve with a nail treatment to strengthen & repair

We offer a range of treatments from indulgent luxury 60 minute manicures to 30 minute mini manicures for when you’re pressed for time. We also specialise in GELeration and gel nail extensions for tough durable nails that look superb.

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