How to Get Larger, More Beautiful Eyes

Top Tips to Get Beautiful Eyes By Reading Beauty Salon

Want glowing beautiful eyes this season?. If so, to keep the glow in your eyes healthy nutrition and an effective beauty regime are key. The expert beauty therapists at Reading Beauty Salon have some great tips that will help your eyes appear bigger, more attractive and expressive.

Get Lots of Sleep

Sleep is the most important step for every beauty regimen. It is considered the closest thing there is to a fountain of youth.  As your body repairs itself while you snooze, this leads to a long list of benefits for your eyes, and overall health. At least 8 hours of sleep every night is the recommended time for healthy glowing skin and eyes.

 Get  LVL Lashes at Reading Beauty Salon

hair color, hair salon, readingWhy not enhance your eyelashes with a lash tint? This treatment gives greater definition to your face making your eyes appear larger, brighter and less tired.

The effect lasts for several weeks which means no more mascara! You’ll wake each morning with beautiful dark eyelashes and no ‘panda eyes’! A patch test is required before treatment so pop in at least 48 hours before your treatment for this quick allergy test.

De-Puff  Under The Eye Bags With Cucumbers

The high water content cucumber have helped get this vegetable in our at-home beauty treatments. Cucumbers are one of the widely known home remedies for dark under eyes. It is considered as the most effective way to brighten your tired eyes. A great treatment to be done at home is involves applying pply some cucumber slices under your eyes, keep it on for 10 minutes or till the cucumber slices get warm.

 Consume Vitamin Rich Foods

Eating correct nutrition is a major help in getting bright glowing eyes. Consume foods rich in vitamins C, E, A and Zinc to keep your eyes and overall health in optimum condition.

Frame Your Eyes With An Eyebrow Shape 

 hair color, hair salo, readingA well-shaped eyebrow can really enhance your eyes which can be a real confidence booster.  You can dramatically improve the appearance of your face with some simple treatments including, eyebrow tinting and shaping using LVL Lashes. Our professional Brow Shape service st our beauty salon in Reading is carried out by our expert beauty therapists. Your Reading Beauty Therapist will discuss your requirements with you before delivering a beautifully shaped eyebrow.