Top 5 Autumn Skincare Tips

Essential Autumn Skincare at Reading Beauty Salon

Whilst the arrival of the new season brings pumpkin-sliced lattes, orange rusty hues and cosy nights by the fire – it also brings a drop in temperature that can wreak havoc on any skin type.

Our top recommended products and treatments are;

  • Environ Hydrating Oil Capsules
  • Environ Revival Mask
  • CACI Amino Eyelift
  • Environ Skin Complete Supplements


Top 5 Autumn Skincare Tips

Here are our top 5 essential autumn beauty tips to see you and your skin through the change in seasons.

1. Exfoliate

It’s important to keep skin hydrated, refreshed and radiant all year round. To save your skin from becoming dull and dehydrated during the autumn months, up your exfoliation to twice a week. Exfoliating regularly helps to increase cellular regeneration and removes dead skin cells that can hinder the absorption of any moisturisers or serums. Your Reading Beauty Therapist can recommend the perfect exfoliating product for you during your next salon visit.

2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise!

Having a super-moisturising facial product in your beauty cabinet is one of the most important autumn beauty tips. Make sure you avoid any cosmetics that contain drying alcohol, as this synthetic nasty strips your skin of moisture and can cause it to become dry and itchy. If you’ve never tried a facial oil before, now is the perfect time to invest. With a beautifully light, silky texture and an intense nourishing feel, facial oils are the ideal products to give your skin the edge against the elements.  If your skin has lost its glow, try a pampering facial treatment at our salon in Reading to nourish, plump and boost radiance. 

3. Natural lip care is key 

It can be tempting to reach for a tub of petroleum jelly to protect chapped lips from the chill; however that innocent looking tub may not be as helpful as you think. Slathering it on your lips is essentially wrapping your skin in cling film, preventing it from breathing and potentially making the area even more sore and chapped. Instead, reach for a lip product that contains natural waxes, butters and oils to protect, nourish and repair damaged lips. Use as a hydrating balm or under any lipstick as a colour-enhancing primer.

4. Look after your hands 

Probably the most common skin concern in Autumn/Winter is getting dry, sore hands. This isn’t really surprising as our hands are often exposed to the elements, whether it’s fumbling for keys or tapping away on our phones, we often neglect them when it comes to skin care. Because the skin on your hands doesn’t produce as much natural oil as the rest of your body, this area is much more prone to dryness, especially in colder weather. It’s time to give back to our hardest working body parts! Pamper your hands with a deeply hydrating rescue cream from our beauty salon in Reading. Ask your therapist for more information.

5. Drink plenty of water 

You can make a big difference to your skin by making some small changes to your diet. For example, many of us still don’t drink enough water and this can cause skin to become dry and flaky. Drinking 2 litres of filtered water per day (8 x 250ml glasses) is an essential way to protect your skin from succumbing to autumn dullness.